Ten straight days of writing. This has been important for me, and I thank you, readers.

One of the reasons I wanted to get back to writing the blog was that it would give me “healthy brain exercise.” I hate the way that sounds, because it strongly suggests that the impact I was seeking was selfish, but if I’m honest (not always easy), my initial motivation to write was selfish. I wanted to become more mentally fit, and thought that writing every day would help that happen.

What has been really wonderful about taking on this blog-brain-exercise regime is that it has uncovered feelings within myself. This is hard to describe, but I bet that there are other writers who have experienced this. I often begin writing with only a small, shallow idea or memory, but the exercise of trying to express that small and shallow idea leads to more depth and inquiry than I thought I was capable of when I started.

Writing feels healthy, for the moment. It introduces my shallow self to a deeper self who, when effectively tickled and prodded, has something it wants to say.