Roger Federer won the Miami Open yesterday beating Rafa Nadal in the final 6-3, 6-4. This was Federer’s fourth straight victory over Nadal and means that he has now won ninety-one ATP (Association of Tennis Professional) singles titles.

I wondered what the trophy room in his house might look like. The short answer is I don’t know; an internet search did not have any photos. An interview in the British newspaper Independent in 2009 had this description:

One room of Roger Federer’s Swiss home is dedicated to his tennis exploits. “It’s a wonderful room with three sides full of trophies and one end full of pictures,” he said recently. “It’s a very special room. Sometimes I just go and sit in there and do some autograph-signing for fans and I just look around. It’s quite something.”

I’m sad I inquired. That description from 2009 is nice enough (there’s that “nice” word!), but the inquiry into his trophy room inevitably led to information about the house where he now lives.

In 2014 he moved into this outrageously opulent house near Zürich.

Amnesia, please visit me. I want to forget.