Silas, now age 3 years and 3 months, has gone from not having written a single letter, to writing words, writing sentences and, yes, writing letters, in about one month. Those kinds of letters. He wrote a letter to Susan last week, much of it readable. The parts that weren’t easy to read visually were translated by father Brian.

Formula One racing cars now go from zero to 60 in under three seconds. Silas seemingly does the growing boy equivalent.

Mother Lissa – and Hannah and Susan – are all terrific writers, each with their own style. All three are published: Lissa in science, Hannah in magazines and newspapers, Susan in public presentations about painting.

I write, too. It used to be part of my professional life in music. This blog was restarted back in February, because of my desire to restore, through writing “exercise,” a relationship with nuanced communication, a language that has become less natural to me because of the encephalitis episode two years ago. Wrestling with writing has been rewarding, but I gotta say that if Silas and I were in a writing acceleration race, I’d be looking at his back. But that’s OK. He’s looking good!