We first get a sunset in the west. It’s nice. The sun beams beneficently between a couple of trees on top of a nearby ridge to our west, and then is gone for the day.

Then we look east.

To the east, just to the left of the north wall of our next door neighbor, the Old Meetinghouse, we can see the 2172 ft. Hardwood Mountain, about 12 miles away. Sunset on the top of Hardwood Mountain must be at least 20 or 30 minutes after our sunset here on Center Rd..

It’s fat bank account to have two beautiful sunsets every day.

And sunrise is also about to reach an important milestone. Since September 21 the sun has been rising behind, or to the south, of the Old Meetinghouse next door. On the equinox, in just two days, on Bach’s birthday, it will rise for the first time in six months to the left of the north wall, rising over Hardwood Mountain.

Spring and summer, here we come!