Snow and wind continued for most of the day. Susan and I went cross country skiing this afternoon; the conditions were ideal.

This morning I saw my neurologist in a regularly scheduled appointment. She has been my go-to doc for well over a year now. I met her initially during the second phase of my recovery from encephalitis.

On my first visit with her, she used a classical music metaphor to describe something about what had happened or how we were going to approach the healing process. That distinguished her big time! I’d never had a personal encounter with a doctor who referenced music in that way, though I grew up in a family where music and medicine were compatriots.

I learned that she is a cellist, and I asked her to play in a program of Beethoven and Handel that I was directing at church. She volunteered her time and met Lissa in the six-person “orchestra.” She heard me think clearly and use language in a way that was consistent with what one would expect from a professional musician. It has been, I think, interesting to her that my thinking and speaking is more confident in the context of music than outside of it.

We are developing an interesting tripartite relationship. First is doctor/patient, second is music. And damned if third isn’t something like the beginning of a friendship.