We’re in the midst of a raging snowstorm, the strongest one we’ve experienced here in Montpelier. The wind has been howling for close to 12 hours now, and I’m sure we’ve had at least a foot of snow, but no one’s ever going to know because the wind has been blowing so hard that no flake stays where it lands. The storm is supposed to continue through the night.

Coincident with the storm was the demolition of our hot water system, the first step in some house renovations that will take a couple of months to complete – for part 1. (Part 2 will take place summer 2018.) For a couple who has lived in 18 places for a month or more since getting married, we’re making A Big Statement by investing in where we live now. We’re hoping it’ll still be home when we’re 80.

This feels right even as the storm shakes our house, originally a one-room schoolhouse built in the mid-1860s. For sure, this place has been through quite a few storms. We’re hoping to count a bunch more.