It is, as I write, 50 degrees outside, and daytime high temperatures here in Montpelier are supposed to be above freezing for the next ten days.

This is not good. For cryin’ out loud, it’s February! In Vermont!

On January 25 the Trump administration ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to take down its global warming webpage. Later that day, the order was rescinded. This has been characteristic of the early days of the Trump administration. They make big policy declarations and see who responds. Having control over both the House and Senate, the Administration can deliver many punches to that body. Democrats in the House and Senate are forced to pick only a few to try and oppose. On those that are all but unopposed the Administration circumvents close analysis.

And look who’s now leading the EPA: Scott Pruitt, a man who has sued the EPA 14 times! The only climate Pruitt has any concern for is the business climate. As head of the EPA he’s nothing more than hot air – hot air that is already raising the winter temperature in Vermont.