We had three good size trees taken down in August and I’ve been splitting the bucked logs for firewood.

Now, I am not a violent man, and I haven’t had a television since the early 1990s, but there’s an enduring memory of the TV westerns of my childhood that accompanies me as I split wood. Perhaps someone else has noticed it, too.

It has to do with the variety of ways that a log reacts to being split, and the eerie resemblance of a cleanly split log to the way good guys and bad guys fall down when hit by a bullets in a TV western.

Some logs are thrown to the side when split as if pulled by some unseen force, which is very violent and dramatic. In my imagination, those are the bad guys killed by the good guys.

And then there there are the logs that twist slowly once and collapse in place, defying the force of the axe’s blow. This strikes me as somehow noble in character and are clearly the good guys being felled by a bullet from a bad guy.

I have no desire to see good guys killed, but I must confess that of the two wood-splitting death scenes, I really live for the one-second drama of the good guy twisting once, hand to heart, before dying.

Just thought you’d like to know.

Please don’t report me.