I bet you didn’t know the first definition of dissipation (according to Merriam-Webster, at least) is “the process of slowly disappearing or becoming less.”  That feels like an accurate description of my last 9 days.  The second definition is the one that comes from being the life of the party: “the act of using all or a lot of money, time, etc., in a foolish way,” but my dissipation has been sober and boring.

It was supposed to be a period of rest and relaxation, and I thought that after a prolonged busy spell that I needed it, but I’ve been flatter than two day-old balloon.  Minor illnesses have moved in and out, and back in again like scudding clouds of summer.  Energy is low, low, low.  And I’ve struggled to think of things to write about.

So, without original ideas in my head, I’ve turned into an appreciator of other people’s work

Here’s something to appreciate – daughter Lissa, grandson Silas, and son-in-law Brian 

Lissa, Silas, Brian
And a beautiful painting by wife, Susan:
And an amazing painting by Bruegel – “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” – that never fails to draw me into deep contemplation.
And an old favorite that I used to have up on my wall when I was a randy faun: