I, like, a number of musicians, trace my interest in music to Bach. But I feel that Bach is a composer not only for professional musicians, but for amateurs as well. So I propose a festive “Bach to the People” event – perhaps on a single afternoon and evening – to take place in Central Vermont next summer, 2015, featuring:

Bach food: we’ll eat what he ate and see what it does to our waistline!

Bach on original instruments: if you can make or scavenge an instrument that can play Bach, you’re on!

Bach through the decades: music performed by performers in their first and tenth decades (and every one in between) 

Bach the source: original music, newly composed, based on Bach

Bach bodies: dancing to Bach

Bach sing-along

Bach by the brook: Bach means brook in German; we’ll find a site that enables us to truly go to the source for Bach, Bach, and more Bach!

Join me?