The second performance of Raine Songs, in front of the home town crowd, went quite a bit better than last night which made the composer and all the performers feel great.  

But when I got home I unlocked the front door and accidentally dropped my key ring through a one inch crack behind the top step of our cast concrete steps and the front wall of the porch of our house.  Now, I’ve thought previously about how annoying it would be if ever I did that, but in the spirit of denying the possibility, I’ve never even looked through that crack before to see how hard it would be to try and retrieve something that fell down there.  And of course, we lost the other key to the car about four years ago, so there’s no duplicate to use if we lose it.  It was about 10:15 pm when I got home and the world on the other side of that crack is dark and dank in the best of lights, and darker and danker at night.  It looked like a bad end.

But shining a flashlight through the crack showed that the keys were in plain sight a couple of feet down, well within reach of an untwisted wire coat hanger.  The rescue, performed under a canopy of stars and accompanied by the sound of spring peepers and distant looney birds, was as easy as pie.