Susan and I have just returned from a nice dinner with friends at which we were gifted their labyrinth game that they were going to donate to a church auction.  I convinced them that it would be appreciated far more in my hands than in the hands of some random grade school kid who undoubtedly would find it less interesting than a video game, so we brought it home, Susan found a spare steel ball from our last labyrinth game, and I tried my luck.

Damned if I didn’t run the whole course without any mistakes!  I can’t tell you how pleased I was!

Now, when I was 10-12 years old I played this game over and over again, and I got to be pretty good, able to run the course forwards and backwards, many times in a row.  But it has been many years since I last tried.  We had the game when our daughters were young but they never took to it particularly, and frankly didn’t seem at all impressed that I was good at it.  When I started out this evening it was not the memory of how to do it from 15 years ago that was guiding my hands, but the ingrained muscle memory from 50 years ago.  

That’s pretty amazing.