Today we had a grinding return trip home from Boston that took us an hour and a half longer than normal.  (“Grinding,” if you haven’t heard, is the current self-congratulatory description of the Red Sox, used when they win late in the game or in extra innings.  It is meant to convey a kind of working-class stick-to-it-iveness that produces wins by not giving up.  This working class ethic attached to the Red Sox is a noble effort, but rings hollow to a Baltimore Orioles fan, a much more authentically blue-collar team.)

Our driving grind featuring a ridiculous amount of traffic, road construction, and an accident.  We were sustained by playing a little video that Susan took of Silas laughing at Lissa making faces.  It’s one of those “you had to have been there to appreciate it” videos, but trust me, it was much appreciated under the circumstances.