On March 7, I tantalizingly described the scar that I acquired from my abdominal surgery as resembling a Devonian worm.  Though I know you’d love to see, I will not show the scar.  But thanks to the miracle of spring and warmer temperatures, I can show you the fossilized Devonian worm.  (Spring and warmer temperatures were necessary because the rock that contains the fossil impression was frozen in the mud outside our back door.)

It was my daughter Lissa who, on the day we moved into our house in Ithaca, NY in 1996, found the 11″ x 15″ x 1.5″ rock with the impression of what was described to us by Someone Who Should Know (alas, Someone Who’s Name I’ve Forgotten) as a Devonian worm.  It’s a spectacular fossil, and we’ve lugged that rock to all five places we’ve lived since Ithaca.

The Devonian period was from about 419.2 million years ago to about 358.9 million years ago, and there are lots of fossils from that period in the Finger Lakes Region in New York, but this is the largest one we saw (by far) while we lived there.  

Here it is.  Let your imagination run wild!