A friend from Ithaca, NY, a Cardinals fan, emailed me to say that the NY Times picked the Orioles and the Cardinals to oppose each other in this year’s World Series.  I have to say that sounds absolutely crazy given that the Orioles have no reliable pitching, but one can always hope.

For sure, they’ll need a great third baseman, and here’s the latest on Orioles’ Manny Machado, from Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun: “After Friday’s game, Orioles manager Buck Showalter presented the media with some updates from the minor league complex in Sarasota, Fla.  Third baseman Manny Machado (knee) had a ‘functional’ day Thursday in which he did pretty much all baseball activities: Hit, field, run a little.  He felt good during it, Showalter said. Perhaps more important, he felt good Friday.  Returning the next day after a tough workout without pain is obviously a good sign. There is no timetable for Machado’s return, but he likely won’t return until late April, at the earliest.”

Well, Manny, we wish you well, but it sounds like things are taking longer than predicted.  If you are hearing footsteps it’s because your heir apparent, Silas Kardon, is making pretty remarkable progress at 3.5 months.

Here’s Silas getting in shape:


And here he is working on his fielding skills: