Checking in on some my guys:

Grandson Silas continues his restless quest to be the first baby to do everything.  Recently he’s figured out how to start moving.  

From Lissa and Brian’s Growing Silas blog: “As of this [Monday] morning, he has another new trick.  For several weeks, when placed on his belly he has kicked his legs as if “air crawling”, or reached out with his arms, but he has been unable to do both movements at the same time.  Every time he would start kicking his arms would go limp and vice versa.  Today, he pushed up on his arms (much farther than I’ve ever seen him do previously) while kicking his legs furiously, and the result was that he crept towards his toy very, very slowly.  He was obviously very pleased with this effort but it exhausted him!”


That apartment is gonna get mighty small, mighty fast.  Time to move everything off the floor!

In a more absurdist vein, J. S. Bach was “entered” into “Lent Madness,” the brainchild of the Rev. Tim Schenck, Episcopal priest, blogger, syndicated columnist, author, and rector of the Episcopal Parish of St. John the Evangelist in Hingham, Massachusetts on Boston’s South Shore.  Lent Madness is a take off of college basketball’s March Madness, designed to be “a fun, engaging way for people to learn about the men and women comprising the Church’s Calendar of Saints.”  NPR did a story on it yesterday.

There’s some good news and some bad news about ol’ J.S.’s appearance in Lent Madness.  First, he’s not a saint, so I’m impressed and grateful that someone felt him worthy of a special wild-card invitation.  And he “beat” Alfred the Great (849-899) in the first round.  (Who?)  But he “lost” in the second round to Anna Cooper (1858-1964).  (Who?)

And finally, Spencer Huffman gets a shout out in the program notes of this weekend’s Montpelier Chamber Orchestra/Onion River Chorus because I’m directing the program and I wrote the program notes!  Spencer doesn’t get much ink these days, and it’s always worth reproducing The History of Music According to Huffman, for comic effect if nothing else!