It was a bad weekend for my sports heroes.  Roger Federer lost in the finals of the Indian Wells tournament in California to Novak Djokovic, playing an error-filled tie breaker in the third set to lose it.  And Orioles’ third baseman Manny Machado reported pain in his injured knee and will not be ready in time for opening day.

But on the brighter side, Hannah felt much better today, Susan got a chance to revel in some flowers in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and Silas produced some gummy smiles that probably made Lissa feel pretty good.


A little bit lonely for my wife and daughters, feeling literary, and with Michael Pollan’s brilliant summation on how and what to eat (“Eat food, mostly plants, not too much”) in mind, I tried my hand at a similar compression of thought and feeling, one for each of my Riley Ladies.

To the courageous human rights advocate: Serve justice with love and laughter.

To the probing scientist: Look into the thicket.  Who lives there?  Tell us.

To the painter and bird lover: Beauty lights before it flies.