When I started writing this blog I imagined being able to observe and comment on the things that interest me from a safe distance in the clouds.  Events of the last 18 days have brought me down to earth, where stuff really happens.  First there was my emergency surgery to untwist my intestines: pain and fear, changing quickly to relief and gratitude.  Recuperation has been quick and uncomplicated thanks to good medical care, even better care from family and friends, and the healing power of music, but the recuperation has nevertheless been a reminder that there are limits to any blithe assumptions of “I’ll just take care of this today and we’ll be done with it by tomorrow.”

Taking responsibility for my physical vulnerabilities during this recovery has been humbling, but the power is mostly in my hands.  To have a family member get sick – to be physically vulnerable – and not have any useful tools to provide protection is horrible.  I’m here in East Montpelier dealing with the biggest snowstorm of a long winter, shoveling snow and hauling wood at just below (one hopes) my threshold for these activities, while Susan is on her way to New York to attend to Hannah who spent eight hours last night in the ER waiting room of a Brooklyn hospital with almost no positive benefit.  By going to New York Susan’s had to leave Silas, Lissa, and Brian in the lurch for one of her planned days of babysitting.  Who am I taking care of?  Mischa, the dog.

Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep for all my family and friends, the departure of bad weather, and the reappearance of a warming March sun, signaling the beginning of a good run of maple sugaring.