My goal to post something everyday is getting squeezed by fatigue and sleepiness left over from my surgery, and the loss of an hour in the day, courtesy of Daylight Savings Time.  Yesterday’s post was posted on the stroke of midnight (really it was) but wordpress inflexibly assigned it to today, which is correct but somehow (sniff!) insensitive and heartless.  With the exception of one day in the hospital I’ve cranked out something every day and for some stupid reason I consider this a kind of badge of honor.   C’mon, cut me a little slack, wordpress!

But the truth is I don’t have much to say at the end of this day.  I rehearsed for the first time this evening with the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra, and a new group always requires more social and musical energy than a group with which I’m familiar.  My obsessive rehearsal planning style is tiring enough on its own; add to that the effort of figuring out what these new musicians do and do not respond to and you coming out of a rehearsal pretty tired.