Steady progress today, though I’m tired now and thinking of bed.  I went up and own our spiral staircase 15 times (because they’re there) and I huffed and puffed into the “inspiration spirometer” that they gave me in the hospital to prove to myself and anyone who’s interested that my lung function is still in good shape.  I paid ten – count ’em, ten – bills that I had been putting off for about a month.  

I started reading Imperfect Harmony by Stacy Horn which was a gift to me by the members of the Burlington Choral Society.  Stacy Horn sings in the Choral Society of Grace Church in New York City, and writes from the perspective of an amateur singer who is drawn to choral singing for a whole host of musical, social, personal, and spiritual reasons.  I think the first few chapters – that’s as far as I’ve read – are absolutely spot on in describing the challenges and satisfactions of singing in a chorus and would heartily recommend the book to everyone.  

All the members of the BCS signed the book, which makes it especially valued and appreciated.  I also got a get well card from the Onion River Chorus with all their signatures.  Handwriting has gone out of our lives to such an extent that to see the signatures of people who you know by sight and sound is to glimpse something very private, very meaningful.  

My gift back to all who might read this post is this YouTube video of mandolinist extraordinaire Chris Thile singing a song he wrote called “Too Many Notes.”