A lot of snow fell Thursday and Friday, maybe 14 inches or so, so the shoveling was epic.      We skied before bed last night, breaking trail under a full moon, huffing and puffing like steam engines.  I slept like a baby but my shoulders and biceps are feeling it today.

Hannah drove up yesterday from New York City with six friends, leaving at 7:30 pm and arriving in Warren, VT at 3:00 am this morning, their Zip-car van unable to deal with the snow on a couple of hills which necessitated some major detours.  We spent about 4 hours with Hannah today.  We spent about 8 hours with Lissa, Silas, and Brian on Wednesday, so it’s been a red-letter week for Susan and me.  What did we do to deserve such kind, communicative, interesting kids?

It’s been a good day, but I’ve run out of gas.  Good night!