Time to come clean.  Why, exactly, did I decide to write a blog?  More importantly, why (oh why?) did I decide to make my posts public every day?

My original idea was simply to challenge myself to write something every day for a year, and post occasionally, but after the first week of so of A Year of Guys I realized that if I succumbed to the too-easy possibility of writing and not publishing, I wouldn’t hold myself to the same standard of effort that I would if people actually read what I wrote.

In short, I needed the goad of a goal to keep me going.  The origin of my idea of writing something every day for a year is, however, kind of embarrassing.  Sometime toward the end of 2013 I saw a news story about a woman who made love every day for a year and wrote a book about the experience.  I needed a similarly challenging goal, but one better suited to a guy whose life experience had left him with, uh, different qualifications.

My qualifications for writing A Year of Guys come down to being a man whose life has been lived primarily among women, and hence is curious about accessing and articulating “the male perspective.”

You, dear reader, have now come to know some of what gets me out of bed in the morning but you don’t know everything.  Here are some things you probably didn’t know:

1. When I was around eight years old I would sit in the bathtub with my sister Susan and recite the batting averages of all the Baltimore Orioles.  She was as passionate about the Orioles as I was, and a good ball player.

2. I love beautiful cathedrals, and have had some of the most profound moments of my life  sitting in quiet, empty cathedrals.

3. My voice didn’t change until I was 15, ensuring that I that I could play the part of Oliver in my high school’s performance of the musical Oliver.  Always a boy in the eyes of my classmates, they still called me Dickie at my 40th reunion.

4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I had for many years (age 6-12) a terrific reputation as a ladies man because my best friend in first grade was a pretty girl.

5. I was undefeated as a #1 singles tennis player at the collegiate level.  There’s more to that story, but the record still stands.

6. If famous classical musicians are celebrities, then I’ve met and carried water for a bunch of celebrities.

7. I never collected my 1/35 royalty share on the recordings I made as a member of the Boston Camerata.

8. I’m a pacifist, but I will fight for my family.

9. I believe there is no truth like fiction.