Jeez, I thought I had the entire blogosphere to myself and then I find out yesterday that there’s a guy in England working some of the same territory. And he’s good: this is a nice piece about singing in a men’s choir.  Thanks to Merideth Wright for passing it along.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Maria Schneider’s jazz compositions on YouTube, and came across a short clip of Maria Schneider conducting the first rehearsal of one of her compositions.  (Can’t find the clip now.  Damn.  Did I imagine it?)  She talks about the naked feeling of wanting the first rehearsal of a new piece to be so revelatory to all the musicians involved that everyone’s response is to immediately go bananas about how great the music is.  It can’t happen of course.  Even the best musicians need a little time to assimilate the music and make it their own.

I had that feeling last night at the Burlington Choral Society rehearsal in which I introduced four new movements from the Gossec Grande Messe des Morts.  I had prepared so carefully, and had such a vivid sound in my head that I was trying to draw out of the singers that it was hard for me to accept that it just couldn’t be “that way” the first time through.

Even though I’ve been through this process thousands of times, it still somehow surprises me and leaves me slightly crushed.  What delicate flowers we conductors are!