My grandson Silas has gained two pounds since birth!  To appreciate how much that is, consider what an equivalent change in body weight would be for me.  I weighed about 170 on December 16, the day Silas was born.  If I had gained weight at the same rate as Silas I would weigh 204 today.

I am pleased to say that despite the usual eating indulgences of the holidays, I’m still at 170. But not Silas.

Here’s Silas on Day 1:

Silas in hospital bassinet

And here’s what he looked like yesterday:

Silas at 2.5 weeks

Lookin’ good, huh?

I have only one anxiety about Silas’s future.  I’m wondering if maybe his ears don’t stick out enough to play third base for the Baltimore Orioles.  Manny Machado, the talented 21 year-old incumbent, has a great set of ears:

Manny cropped

And so did Brooks Robinson, the third-baseman-of-my-youth, when he got to the bigs at age 18 in 1955:


My father-in-law Bill Bull also had a great set of ears, and he was the most gifted athlete I ever had the pleasure of seeing truly “up close and personal.”

But Silas’s parents, both scientists and musicians, don’t share my anxiety about the size of Silas’s ears.  In fact, Lissa said that she and Brian chose the name because with a name like Silas he could be anyone, do anything.  I agree.  I love the name.  And can’t you just hear it? “Now playing third base for the Baltimore Orioles, Si Kardon!”

A photo taken of Silas about 30 minutes ago proves he likes the sound of that.

Silas's first smile for camera