I’m going to challenge myself to write every day in 2014 about my life in existential dialogue with:

1) my 15 day-old grandson Silas

Silas cropped

2) the 20th century Scottish moral philosopher John MacMurray


3) J.S. Bach

Bach graphic signature

4) my brilliant, eccentric, late composition teacher Spencer Huffman

Spencer cropped

5) the Baltimore Orioles’ talented but currently injured 21 year-old third baseman Manny Machado

Manny cropped

and 6) tennis great Roger Federer.

Roger cropped

It’s a list of guys who I feel close to and appreciative of, each in their own way.  All my passions are represented: family, music, tennis, baseball, moral philosophy (which is only a passion in the sense that MacMurray gives me a vocabulary to muse upon the world).  It is a completely sexist list, but I am not ashamed of that because I love women and have many women in my life, but I have, unfortunately, relatively few close male friends.
I plan to write generally small amounts every day, in the manner of a diary, though I will not post every day.  A Year of Guys will be about my life – (this is me, by the way)
Dick cropped
– but reflected through consideration of, and imaginary dialog with, my distant guy friends.